The Gasholder

The land for sale includes a gasholder, and the purchaser is required to make provision for repair of the structure (a ‘Restoring Purchaser’). The gasholder (Granton Gasworks No 1 Gasholder) was category B listed (Historic Scotland Ref: 45793) on 10th November 1998. Historic Environment Scotland’s description reads:

W R Herring 1898 – 1902. Column guided gasholder, circular plan, external framework constructed of riveted rolled steel comprising 24 vertical posts with finials (each formerly carrying gas flame) divided into 4 tiers by horizontal tie beams; latticework bracing between. Drum-shaped steel tank to centre above 252ft diameter shaft of brick with cement mortar sunk 37ft into ground.

The total repair cost (including: refurbishment; tank bell demolition; infilling of gasholder tank after demolition; remediation and landscaping) was projected by Davis Langdon in 2011 (adjusted for inflation) at £11.8 million. These repair works must be completed under a contract for sale. In this case the Restoring Purchaser would pay the full cost of the foregoing works as part of the purchase price for the site.

A purchaser may provide an alternative strategy for repair of the structure within their offer in which case the following information will be required: a detailed method statement for how the structure would be repaired; verification of the effectiveness of this method from an appropriate source; details of the proposed consultant and contractor team; fully quantified costs of the proposed method; and proof of funding for the proposed repair. As a listed structure the gasholder shall require long term maintenance. Purchasers will be under an obligation to complete repair within an agreed period after which the title will be transferred.

The Scottish Historic Environment Policy (SHEP) requires that where demolition is proposed within applications for listed building consent that certain tests are met, such as Test D; provision of evidence to show that “the repair of the building is not economically viable and that it has been marketed at a price reflecting its location and condition to potential restoring purchasers for a reasonable period”.