This site forms part of The Forthquarter redevelopment, granted planning permission in outline in February 2001 (Ref: 00/01169/OUT). The planning permission permitted development of up to 2,000 homes of various sizes and tenures, as well as offices and mixed use development, some of which has already been developed out. Over 750 of these homes have already been constructed. Amongst other commitments, the original Section 75 Legal Agreement required 15% of the 2,000 units to be Affordable Homes (totalling 300). As part of the earlier stages of development, over 350 affordable units have been provided (17.5%) and therefore this obligation has been discharged (Application 13/03866/OBL). In terms of that agreement, payments are due to the Council as contributions to education facilities and transportation.

However, the original planning permission expired in 2013. National Grid is in the process of extending the timescale for development and as part of this ongoing negotiation with the City of Edinburgh Council, it has been acknowledged that further affordable housing will be required. It is anticipated that this will equate to a total provision equal to 25% of the total number of homes permitted under the original planning permission. This will mean that around 150 additional affordable homes will be required across The Forthquarter site.

There are two ongoing planning applications at The Forthquarter. The first relates to the extension of the original planning permission. This is a Section 42 application (ref: 14/04800/PPP). The second application is for Listed Building Consent to demolish the existing gasholder (application ref: 12/04566/LBC).

The wider site continues to be supported for housing led mixed-use redevelopment (Edinburgh Local Development Plan – Second Proposed Plan 2014). It is anticipated that future residential development could consist of less dense, lower rise and more family style accommodation. Through more general discussions with the City of Edinburgh Council, it is not anticipated that there will be any resistance to reasonable changes from the approved masterplan and indeed these are supported in the recent Second Proposed LDP (Ref:EW2a). Furthermore, development of offices would also not be resisted on the site.

City of Edinburgh Council Planning Contact:

Alison Kirkwood,
Majors Waterfront Team Manager, Planning and Transport, City of Edinburgh Council
Telephone 0131 469 3590

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