Further Information

To view the information within the data room, please contact Jake Poole, Cushman & Wakefield at jake.poole@cushwake.com or 0131 222 4561 to obtain login details.

Site investigation, remediation verification and title information (including the sellers standard environmental indemnity) is available subject to an NDA, and access can be shared by the selling agent.

Parties should register interest in order to be kept informed of any closing date set.

Ground Conditions

Reports are included in the technical information available on request from Cushman & Wakefield.

Services & Infrastructure

Prospective purchasers should undertake their own services searches for The Forthquarter site.

Please note that the current development discharges surface water into the existing Scottish Water sewer network on West Shore Road to the north of the site. This network has limited capacity and is unlikely to be able to accept additional discharge. Consequently, a new outfall to the Firth of Forth dealing specifically with surface water from The Forthquarter is fundamental to its further development. This would require planning permission and supporting studies and would also entail construction works on third party land to the north.


Port Greenwich Limited own the heritable title to the property, the Scottish equivalent of freehold. Port Greenwich Limited is a subsidiary of National Grid.

Management & Service Charge

The land for sale is affected by a deed of conditions providing for the maintenance of open space and other common infrastructure. The costs include for such items as landscape maintenance, lighting, maintenance of drains and other infrastructure, CCTV monitoring, and winter gritting. Currently the annual contribution by the vendor for its share of this maintenance amounts to approximately £100,000. A copy of the Capita 2015 Service Charge Budget Report is included in the technical information available on request from Cushman & Wakefield.


Offers are invited for the heritable interest in the entire subjects. Offers must be on the basis of the purchaser acting as a Restoring Purchaser, who will undertake the obligations set out in this brochure under the heading ‘’The Gasholder’’ to repair and subsequently maintain the listed gasholder.

The vendor reserves the right to call a closing date, and is under no obligation to accept any offer.

The vendor reserves the right to sell the site without reference to any other party. The sale of the subjects will be subject to an environmental indemnity in favour of National Grid Property in the seller’s standard form.